Web Design

Our Web Design Services


Our team of HTML, CSS developers has good experience and highly skill and constantly upgrades their capabilities on technologies such as AJAX, Javascript, CSS3, etc. As a web design agency based in India, we will provide your brand the online presence.


Bootstrap is an open source system which helps designers to create interface components. We provide Bootstrap Web design Services which fits huge range of mobile devices, Tablets, Laptops and desktops. You can hire Nexg Web team for Bootstrap, custom based web design projects.


Our experts are major contributors to JavaScript Open Source libraries. You can take benefit of our expertise in leveraging HTML5 in order to develop great software for the mobile, laptop, and desktop devices which your potential customers can access with or without the Internet connection.


jQuery is one of the most widely used system of functions of pre-built JavaScript. By execution of scripts and simplifying the programming which may be run by web browsers, this library helps the creation of feature-rich, dynamic web applications as well as web pages. It is used by a several websites, ecommerce and mobile commerce applications and web-based media services.

Angular JS

In AngularJS, services are reclaimable singleton objects which are utilized to organize and share code across the application. The objects can be injected into directives, filters, and controllers. It gives you 3 ways: provider, factory and service in order to create a service.


Ajax is an advanced web development method. It has created synergistic and interactive website development. It has helped in creating customized application very effective. Nexg Web is experienced in developing Asynchronous JavaScript and XML technology. We can offer rapid development for difficult task to potential users.


With the use of Photoshop, you can do magical things. Through our team at Nexg Web we provide photo retouching, manipulation as well as enhancement services. We are offering 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to our clients. Out turnaround will be 24-48 hours. Turn average photos into art with our service.

Responsive Design

SEO, Development and Design goes hand in hand – be it a responsive or desktop, mobile design enable a site to appear seamlessly on any platform and brings together the content at a single place. As compared to other responsive designing agency, Nexg Web takes care that your site offers a seamless web browsing experience.

Process of Successful Website Design

Information Gathering

First, we ask all the information about project from client. In this phase, we ask few questions to client such as Purpose, Goals, Target Audience, Content, etc.


With the use of gathered information, we put together a plan for clients’ site. We plan for technologies implementation – CMS or interactive forms such as WordPress.

Creative Design

We determine the feel and look of the website. The target audience plays a vital role in the business, so we keep in mind this and design an impressive site.