Digital Lending Solutions

The lending atmosphere is rapidly seeing a lot of changes and these changes have had a substantial impact on the lending business. Lending organizations have to meet customer demands & expectations, government regulations and growing competition. Hence the need of the hour is for systems which are scalable, fast, flexible and agile, while being cost efficient.


Digital Lending Solutions

Loan Origination Solution

Key Features

Built-in Configurable Workflows

Built-in Configurable Business Rule Engine (BRE)

Soft approval through STP Process engine

Built-in Credit Scoring

360-degree view of borrower / Loan application

Role specific dashboards

Analysis by Credit Application Review Technique (CART) and Credit Risk Assessment Module (CRAM) Technique


Faster processing of the loan origination cycle right from lead management to closing

Better customer service due to faster response time, multichannel communication systems

Real time monitoring of loan process

Greater transparency within the organization

Improved flexibility to introduce new loan products compliant with regulator guidelines

Greatly reduced defaults ensuring optimum returns

Loan Management Solution

Key Features

Loan Product Suite for different types of loan

End-to-end Loan Management functionality for all types of loans & advances

Write off / Wave off as per regulatory authority rules

Customer oriented configurable Credit Monitoring activity

Bank oriented Rephasement and reschedule activity

NPA Management along with SMA(Special Mention Account) analysis

Customer oriented settlement of account through Omni channels capability

Role specific dashboards, Alert management

Configurable Product rule engine consisting of Limit Frame Work, Collateral Setup, Recovery Appropriation Policy, Interest & Changes Structure etc.


Increase Customer reach through Omni-channel and DSA network

Cost Reduction and Faster Loan Approval using Cutting Edge Technology/Services

Reduces Credit Risk and NPA

Deep Dive into Profitability analysis

Compliance to Regulatory Reporting through comprehensive reporting module

Enhanced operations and service levels with optimal cost

Collection & Recovery Solution

Key Features

Configurable Collection Workflows

Configurable Alert / Notifications

Workflow based Collection Process

Asset classification based Configurable recovery adjustment

Role specific Dashboards

API integration with collection agencies


Reduced cost and increased productivity

Agents can handle the complete end to end process of collections on the field considerably reducing the time and cost for the operation

Agents can handle the complete end to end process of collections on the field considerably reducing the time and cost for the operation

To decide the best strategy for classification, allocation and follow-up Actions