Human Resource Management System

Every organization, big or small, has a varied set of human resources (HR) management requirements. Proper visibility into the various facets of HR activity enables the organization to get the most out of its human assets by keeping them engaged on activities that are aligned with its overall goals. Further, a good HR system would also help the organization keep track of leave, performance, travel and expenses of the employees, providing full collaboration features to them.

NEXGWEB is designed to cater to both strategic and tactical HR management.


Key Features

  • Task Management : This module covers the entire workflow facilitating tracking of projects and tasks. Project performance management becomes more data-driven.
  • Employee Details : The profiler allows creation and maintenance of basic employee details. The employee can upload documents such as photos, passport copy, PAN or Aadhaar.
  • Administration : Automation of activities such as adding a new employee, email configuration, announcements, modifying designations and specifying CTC is possible.
  • Access Rights : The admin user can specify the access rights that each employee should have in the system based on his/her role in the organization.
  • Travel & Expenses : The system caters to raising of travel and expense request and approval of the same by the manager.
  • Leave & Attendance : The complete workflow relating to leave request and its approval is handled in the system. Attendance details are recorded in the database from the logging devices. Employees can check their leave balance and leave availed online.
  • Recruitment : The entire recruitment process is automated. Hiring requests, approvals, referrals, sourcing from within and outside, interview scheduling, appointments and on-boarding are covered in this module.
  • Disciplinary Action & Exit : Under this module, warnings can be issued, exit letters handled and termination formalities completed.
  • Performance Appraisals : This is useful for end to-end appraisal of the employee. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can be entered and actual performance rated against these metrics by the employee and seniors. The final appraisal results go to HR after this stage.
  • Payroll Module : Features like investment declaration, payslip generation, income tax computation and Form 16 generation are supported.
  • Surrogate/Proxy Management : This feature allows senior management (Directors, VPs) to delegate their powers (approving leave, sanctioning expenditure and so on) to others for a defined period.
  • Training : Administrator can upload training programs & schedules, assign trainers and enrol trainees. Marking of attendance and sharing of feedback are possible.
  • Documentation : Uploads and downloads of documents can be done. An employee can also make changes to an existing document after following due maker and checker procedures.
  • Ticketing : An employee can raise a ticket if there is any issue or problem and the ticket would go to the appropriate authority. The progress of the ticket can be tracked all the way up to its eventual closure.
  • Reports & Dashboards : Rich information outputs are generated by the system.


  • Central application for uniform implementation of rules & procedures
  • Reliable, robust and scalable architecture
  • Easily customizable solution
  • Easy-to-use multi-lingual application
  • High level of security
  • Seamless integration with 3rd party applications
  • Reminders and auto-escalations
  • Employee history maintenance